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Struggle Streets

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Struggle Streets


I write this article doing something a ‘writer’ never should- I write full of assumption, because I really do thrive on being improper.
I write, assuming that if you’ve not seen it, you’ve at the very least, been exposed to the controversy that is Struggle Street. The ‘warts and all’ documentary aired on SBS, of Mt Druitt residents as they navigate life in an suburb of atmospheric hopelessness.

If there’s one thing I hope Sydney-siders have learned this week, through the discussion, debate, and vitriol of not just the documentary itself, but the people themselves- and let’s not get lost in the word ‘people’ as just a verb, let’s instead embrace its essence, real, living people who showed immense trust and courage by allowing themselves and their vulnerabilities to be beamed around the nation for this documentary, it’s that the divide between ‘Us and Them’, confronting and ugly as it may be to admit, is still a gaping chasm that must be closed.

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