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His Hands Trump

Posted by on Nov 12, 2016 in Musings, Prophecy | 0 comments

His Hands Trump

In totally un-Bek form (*chokes on own sarcasm) it takes the aftermath of a historical event that has no immediate or direct impact on me (this really isn’t true, think The Butterfly Effect), to bring me out of my six month blogging hiatus (please let the record show that my phone just autocorrected ‘six month hiatus’ to: ‘mystic hiatus’- which sounds far more interesting, spiritual and less self-indulgent than the lazy self-induced, self-conscious apathy that’s actually been occurring. Count the ‘selfs’. So much maturing yet to occur *sigh). Because yeah, I have an opinion on this. Ha! On everything really. And hey, prophetic declarations are being made, so that’s practically a personal invitation to speak up…right?

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