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To My Precious Friends In The LGBTQI Community

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To My Precious Friends In The LGBTQI Community

To my precious friends and family in the LGBTQI community,

Thank you for your friendship.
Thank you for loving, and accepting me just as I am.
Thank you for embracing me with open hearts and open arms.
Thank you for not questioning the validity and worth of my relationship with the person I have chosen as my life partner.
Thank you for not asking ignorant questions about gender roles within our relationship.
Thank you for not questioning my right, and capacity to raise children- even when my drug history and repeated poor life choices could warrant such concern.
Thank you for not debating my right to share with said offspring, my experiences and evolving worldview.
Thank you for keeping your heart walls down, even upon discovering that I’m a passionate Jesus follower.
Thank you for choosing to acquaint yourself fully with me, instead of immediately writing me off for my faith.
Thank you for not hosting an inquisition around my ability to love Jesus fully, including my attendance and participation in church life, based solely upon my gender identity and sexual orientation.

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