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Cross the Ocean

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Cross the Ocean

Condemnation is an insidious thing.Completely opposite to conviction.

Conviction pierces your spirit, you are grieved by your sin and in humility and repentance you turn to Jesus.

Condemnation holds you in your sin.
Sometimes even after confessing sin, satan will use condemnation to keep reminding us of how gross we are, how often we fail, how filthy and ‘unforgivable’ our sin is.

This is something I had struggled with in recent months.
Knowing I am forgiven but battling guilt and feeling desperately unworthy of the acceleration in revelation and relationship with Father God that I am experiencing.
And You know what? I am unworthy. It IS undeserved. THAT is the divine mystery of Grace and all that was accomplished at the Cross!

About 3 months ago when condemnation regarding my past sins (and boy are there MANY, some that I wish were much further in the past than they are), God gave me a vision.
I saw an expanse of water, like an ocean but still, like a lake.
As far as the eye could see there was nothing. Not one island, not one beach, not one ‘edge’. Nothing but water.
Except…. Right in the centre of the water, lying on its side was a gigantic wooden cross. Surrounding the cross the water was blood red.
As I took in the vision, God spoke to me and said; “Your sin sits at that cross. You can NEVER reach it. You will never be able to swim to it, or built any type of bridge to connect back to it. So stop trying!”

I was a blubbering mess.

And that’s it.
That’s where my past sin, where my future sin- though I hope far less regular as I learn to be more and more like Him, will also go, and stay.

I’ve spent enough time living it, without needing to go back to it via guilt memories.

This vision was powerful for me.
I am not any more precious to God than any one person reading this, so if condemnation is something you struggle with, ask God for a personal revelation of how far away your sin has been removed!
What He has done for one, He will do for another! I release in faith a personal experience of grace for those who desire it, in Jesus’ name!
-Bek Curtis

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