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Bird on a Wire

Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Musings | 0 comments

Bird on a Wire

During a lapse of rain on what has been a very wet and miserable day, I was watching a flock of birds balancing on power lines. Although the rain had stopped, the wind had now picked up! The birds stood with their wings spread out, allowing the wind to rustle and dry their wet feathers.
But as they stood in this vulnerable, yet necessary position, they had to work extra hard to keep their footing as the wind blew furiously.

Our ‘God journey’ is just like this. After a downpour of difficult situations it can take time for our ‘wings’ to dry out before we can launch back into full flight.

The key to not becoming discouraged or frustrated with our momentary lack of flight is to keep our footing, no matter how much the wind picks up. Knowing, that the end result is a set of wings that have been cleaned and dried ready for our next adventure!
-Bek Curtis

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