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Blame Adam & Eve…

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Blame Adam & Eve…

I find it interesting that as Christians, some of us look at the account of Adam and Eve, and we judge them. Eve was foolish and manipulative, Adam was spineless and allowed himself to be led astray by his woman. And both were unable to take accountability for their actions.

We say things like; “If it wasn’t for Adam and Eve and The Fall, we wouldn’t have sin, it’s their fault!”.
We judge them because they were so blessed to be walking with God Himself, and yet they STILL didn’t stay strong!

The weight of our condemnation gets thrown upon their historical shoulders and we self-righteously vow that; ‘We would never have been so stupid as to have listened to a snake!’

Yet most of us do.

We don’t walk beside God in a garden… instead we have the privilege of His very presence dwelling within us!
Yet, we still give into temptation, we still make poor choices and we still try to shift the blame onto others.
Daily, we still make seemingly trivial choices based on our fleshly desires, and believe that it is only us that our choices affect!

“It’s MY LIFE!”.

But what if your choices, your tiny behind closed doors lapses of integrity, actually affect generations beyond you?

They do.

We have the entire history of humanity to observe and learn from, to see over and over and over again the damage that we do to one another because of our selfish sin.

Not many people start off as tyrants, it’s one ‘apple’ at a time.

We have the bible, God’s inspired word to give us direction, we have Jesus Christ who has PAID the price of our sin, and bridged the gap between God and man.
We have Holy Spirit to guide us, lead us prompt us BEFORE we make the decision to sin.

God has made sure we are fully equipped to deal with whatever this life, spiritually, emotionally and physically can and will bring.

So who’s looking a bit foolish now? Still Adam and Eve?

Personally, I chose to forgive them.
I acknowledge that it is ONLY God’s grace that keeps me from sinking.
I shamefully acknowledge that I am selfish, foolish, sinful and I too, without the gift of hindsight would probably have acted as Eve did.

Just as importantly, I choose to learn from their mistakes so that I can live a life that creates freedom for those that come after me.

What will be your legacy?
-Bek Curtis

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