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C.S. Lewis

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C.S. Lewis

I like words. I’m not always eloquent with them, sometimes Im not even coherent with them, but I like them.
I like fancy words, slang words and even some of the acronyms that are being passed off as words among our youth. YOLO! ….Actually, I hate that one!

God has been challenging me lately, to think about the words I use flippantly, the big one being ‘awesome’.

I’m easily excited. I like to see my family and friends happy, I like to encourage them when they do something well, and I often say; “that’s awesome!”.

But it is?
Is what was just shown or said to me ‘awesome’?
Did it produce a feeling of great awe in me?
Did it strike reverential fear and respect into my heart?
If not, why did I use it?
If I’m using it, and others similar, what words have I reserved for my Creator? The very Spirit who SPOKE the earth into existence, who formed the universe with its galaxies, oceans, life and all it holds and the mysteries it is yet to give up?
What word is reserved for the times I kneel at the feet of my Heavenly Father and FEEL His majesty?

After God had challenged me, I came across this quote by C.S. Lewis, who did manage eloquence when he spoke of a similar challenge:

Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say infinitely when you mean very; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.”
C.S. Lewis

This is something that is a discipline, a very conscious choice that I am having to make, and so far not succeeding all of the time.
But I invite you to join me in this challenge if you feel led.
-Bek Curtis

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