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Cannibal Christianity

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Musings | 2 comments

Cannibal Christianity

A friend of mine recently Facebook-ed a brief conversation they’d had. Upon reading, it practically jumped off the screen at me, I share it with you here, excluding actual names:

Friend A: Didn’t you have more fish?

Friend B: Yep.

Friend A: What happened?

Friend B: Didn’t feed ’em, ate each other.

This? This is what jumped off the page?

Okay, yes, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted, and I could be grasping at fishy blogging straws….BUT this conversation was completely profound for me!

No really. Stay with me…

Jesus introduced fish as a metaphor for Christians. In prophetic symbolism, especially when linked to dream interpretation, fish almost always represent Christians.

Have you got your ticket for my random train of thought yet?

When those of us who are Christians, find ourselves in a place of spiritual starvation, when we’re not receiving from God what we need, either through our lack of seeking, or His season of ‘silence’ to stretch our faith, what do we do?

All too often, we turn on each other.
We devour those in our ‘tank’. We feed ourselves with a shredding critique of each other’s spiritual lack, spiritual
faux pas. We attack those we deem ‘weak’, and those with differing doctrinal thinking and we use them to feed our self-righteous hunger.

Yep, gross imagery. Even grosser reality.

My fellow finned friends (It’s a joke, don’t go all religious on me), when we feel as though we are starved, when we feel our energy levels, and sustenance depleting, it is in this time we must band together and support one another. We must help each other in our search for food, not use each other as food. We must help each other reach our food source.

What’s the alternative?
A gruesome cannibalisim that results in a wounded church body, down in numbers, and down in morale.
Not pretty.

Stay connected to your food source. Without Him, we are in big, ugly trouble!
-Bek Curtis




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  1. Harry Phelps

    HI Bec,
    Love that, it is so true, we have to be connected to him in the vine. We dont have anything but from him. Love that

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