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Chin up!

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Chin up!

During a series of art classes in high school, we had to choose a partner so we could sketch each other’s faces as realistically as possible.
My partner did really well. She accurately represented all of my features…except for my jaw line.
It was a little Roger Ramjet-ish.
My friend admitted that she hadn’t quite nailed that part. And whilst I knew logically that it wasn’t a true representation of my face, I still obsessed about my chin.
I became seriously paranoid about it.

Soon after this portrait incident, the school holidays arrived and my best friend and I scored tickets to be part of the studio audience for one of our favourite tv shows.
Every time the camera came near us, I lifted my chin and held my head high.

“What are you doing?” my friend whispered. “My chin, I’m hiding my chin!” I said with embarrassment.

When the tv show aired and we watched the replays, there I was looking absolutely ridiculous with my head in the air and my chin pointed toward the heavens. It was as if I was wearing an invisible neck brace. All to justify an insecurity that I PERCEIVED as truth.

The reason this incident affected me so strongly was because I had no idea who I was. I was so insecure, so desperate for love and acceptance and so scared of further rejection, which was an experience I was already far too familiar with, that I would do whatever it took to avoid further rejection.

I had no secure place to rest my identity. So when my image took a hit, my entire identity, self-worth and value was rocked.

My question for you is; When someone paints an unrealistic or misrepresented portrait of you with their words or actions, what do you do?
How do you respond?
Are you able to stand firm in the knowledge of who you are?
Are you able to discard the lies about you and replace them with the truth of who God says you are?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
God created you and He saw that His work was good!
Your weaknesses become an area in which He can display His strength!

Turn your ear to Him, He has already painted a magnificent and intricate portrait of you, hidden with treasures that He’s just waiting to reveal as you spend time with Him.

This is a journey that I’m still on, but through God’s grace I’m moving forward. When people question my motives, my heart, my agenda I am learning to stand firm in Father God and allow His truth about me to become my identity.

Easy? No.
-Bek Curtis

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