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Exit Jesus

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Exit Jesus

I’m a pretty simple gal. Not surprisingly this simplicity extends to my faith.
I don’t get the argument for Calvinism nor do I fully grasp Arminianism or Pelagianism. I don’t know where I stand on the pre-tribulation, post-tribulation debate, or any of the other -ism’s or -ation’s for that matter.
I don’t understand why we like to classify ourselves and stereotype others with denominational terminology.

It’s not that I’m deliberately trying to be ignorant or uneducated, I’ve tried researching, God knows I’ve tried! But it’s all Greek to me…. or is it Hebrew?

Biblical phraseology, theology, philosophy, making-up-words-eology, makes me lose brain balance. Don’t laugh! There’s balance…. sometimes.

What I do know, is that I love Jesus.

Over the years, a few well-meaning people have told me that I need to move on from the testimony stuff. Stop talking about my past, stop airing my ancient dirty laundry, but these testimonies are all I’ve got. They tell the story of why I love Jesus.

I might not hold a doctorate in theology, but I have a masters in, ‘I’ve been a drug addict, a single teen mum and general lost cause, but now I’m redeemed, restored, transformed and it’s all because of Jesus’! I aced that course with high distinctions- only because Jesus did all the hard work!

I don’t know much, but I know that every single time I read this verse…

Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.” (Luke 7:47NKJV)

…I cry. I cry because I get it! This, I get!
She is me.

I have a crazy deep love and compassion for every person I meet. I see through the facade of ‘togetherness’ and read between the ‘I’m ok’ lines. I see the brokenness in our humanity.
Just a glimpse of that brokenness is enough to set my heart beating, beating to the rhythm of the Father’s Heart, His Heart for reconciliation, restoration.

I don’t know how to correctly use the word eisegesis, nor exegesis, and truthfully the first time I heard it I thought the preacher had said ‘exit Jesus’, let me tell you, there were some serious internal alarm bells going off during that church service!
I may not know how to use those words or many others with great eloquence, but I can introduce you to the Lover of my soul.
I can tell you how He romances, and fiercely protects me, teaching me to guard my heart.
I can show you the ways in which He desires to do the same for you.

I can share with you how God talks to me, how He’s taught me to hear His voice.

I can tell you that on a weekly basis, I have the humbling honour of praying with people, oft in their darkest and most shameful states, and watching as the Creator of the Universe meets them in their shame and need, enveloping them in unconditional love.

As you see, my faith is simple, sometimes embarrassingly so.

And yes, I read my bible, I study the words, but my study may not produce the same outcome as yours. My revelations may prove different. But perhaps we can learn from each other?
Intelligence and the ability to grasp difficult theories is a gift, as is empathy and compassion.

I don’t believe that this Christian journey should be all theology, nor do I believe it should be all experience. Again, balance.

So here I rest at the end of my mini confession, exposed in my lack of knowledge for all to see, hoping that if you’re a little like me, a little intellectually dizzied, feeling a little like the class dunce, you realise it’s ok, there’s room for us too, and not just in the corner, donning a silly hat.

We are part of a beautiful, albeit complex body, The Body of Christ. Here we cannot all be intellects, for there is no benefit in a giant brain. So perhaps like me, you are the heart, the mercy, the compassion. Maybe you are hands and feet, you live to serve, love to do.

There is beauty and balance in diversity. And though we may not understand all that the brain has to say, we can certainly appreciate that it is a vital organ, one that will stop our hearts from bleeding out, and restrain our hands from plunging into frivolity.

Let us not be ashamed of our simplicity, nor mock those who have been gifted with sharp minds, consigned to intellectual exploration. Neither should the wise think less of those whose simplicity seems like folly.

Let us celebrate all that makes us unique, actively searching out opportunities where we can humbly exercise our strengths.

Let us also never reach a place where we fail to recognise the lesson that can be learned from any individual, those we deem high above us and those we wrongly deem beneath. For as a beautiful young woman I recently prayed with said:
“The foot of the cross is flat”.
-Bek Curtis



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  1. Saved by grace

    Amen! I am a keep it simple girl . I know that theology and doctrine are important, but it all gets a bit overwhelming to me. Praise God that salvation doesn’t come only after we grasp all the big words. Jesus came to save sinners, only requirement, we are sinners, rescued when we recognize Jesus is the only way to be saved, cry out to Jesus, He is standing with open arms waiting to bring life to you.

  2. Jesus's girl

    Amen! You know , I have come to understand that people have many ideologies, beliefs…etc.. but one thing that each born-again believer has is a testimony of where JESUS took us from…He came to save sinners like you and I… He said that He didn’t come to call the righteous. But sinners to repentance. Girl, you keep doing what you’re doing…when its time to shift…you will know…until then, KEEP TALKING 🙂

  3. brett fish anderson

    ah, you have such a gift Bek, it’s refreshing to hear you weren’t always perfect [you know, as one expects!] and can’t believe you just introduced a third one to the mix of theologies i don’t understand or relate to – what is Pelagianism? Something relating to unicorns?

    But yes, i relate on the simple faith stuff – have an excellent buddy [who sadly moved to New Zealand as we moved to Americaland but we back in five days and him in a year or so i think] who reads commentaries for fun and is into Greek and Hebrew and words longer than 8 letters and three syllables and somehow we just clicked and ending up being tag team buddies on the speaking circuit on a number of camps – he brings the deep theology, i bring the love God love people and it has been super amazing – also it’s great to have access to someone like that so when someone asks me a hectically theological question i have his email on speed dial – so don’t know where one would go fishing for deeply theological friends but maybe just ask God for one cos it can be so great – and somehow we also almost always seem on the same page with huge and contentious issues so definitely a God thing…

    all that to say i loved this piece andlove the simplicity and depth you bring
    you definitely have a gift and your writing style targets a certain group of people right where they need it
    keep on
    love brett fish

    • Bek Curtis

      You have an amazing gift of encouragement, Sir Fish. Your words are soothing balm to a weary soul, this world can be so abrasive!

      From what I’ve been able ascertain through my extensive research, is that Pelagianism pertains to God-believing-peg-legged-pirates who ride unicorns….or something like that.

      That’s so wonderful that you’ve found a buddy that’s on the same page but has different giftings. I have access to a select few who I can seek out when the questions get super prickly, and boy am I grateful for these folk!

  4. WifeSiu

    I remember the first time my husband talked about “exegesis” (he was a theology student, and we were just engaged) a all is caught was the “Jesus” part – “exJesus?” I thought. And then I figured I was too dumb to ever be a minister’s wife, and that I should probably let him know so he could marry someone smarter.

    We’ve joked over the years about how he brings the head stuff to our ministry, and I bring the heart – but still sometimes he awes me when he’s all heart, and sometimes I encourage him as I grapple with the head stuff. And here I am, these few years later, at Bible College myself, and doing a but if exegesis every now and then. And sometimes it really hurts my head (I just studied Romans last semester – eesb!!) but I’m realising just how important it is to understand (or at least try!) a bit of the head stuff. Because even though I have a lot of heart, sometimes the head stuff makes me fall more in love with Gid, and His awesome grace, and His incredible plan from the very beginning!

    So let me encourage you to keep being the heart of the Body, but don’t be afraid to think about the head part too – sometimes, by God’s grace, He’ll explain just enough to help you love Him more and serve Him better (and other times He’ll say “I’ll let you know when you reach heaven – if you still care!”)

    • Bek Curtis

      I love that God has blessed you with a partnership that works to display the different facets of His character!

      I agree with you, there is a balance and a definite worth and value in growing in both heart and mind understanding!
      Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Kwamboka

    that is so true!!!!

  6. Kwamboka

    at the moment my desire is to get to fully give out the same grace that the Lord has shown me. In His is the true definition of love,acceptance,approval……and everything that the human heart desperatley longs for………..i love reading on your testimony for it shows me so much about the Lord…………………GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST

  7. Kwamboka

    at the moment my desire is to get to fully give out the same grace that the Lord has shown me. In His is the true definition of love,acceptance,approval……and everything that the human heart desperatley longs for………..i love reading on your testimony for it shows me so much about the Lord…………………GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST
    btw am from Kenya in Africa

  8. Robin

    Jesus always talked in the language of his audience. He “held his own” with the educated as easily as he did with the uneducated. He kept it simple.

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