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Family Values

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Family Values

How much do you value your church family?
How much do you value your leaders?
Do you cry when they cry?
Laugh when they laugh?
Do you grieve when one of them stumbles, or are you quick to point out all the tell-tale signs of sin that you discerned in the lead up to their downfall?

Answer in your heart, when you saw those signs, what did you do?

I believe God is stirring us to pray for our leaders. To uplift them in prayer and service on a daily basis.

The people you rely on for prayer, accountability, sermons, healing, counsel and so much more, fight extra battles that you cannot even begin to imagine.
They are held to a level of accountability by God that can at times seem extreme. Many wonder if the convictions they are required to live by are worth it.

But for those leaders, your leaders, it is worth the sacrifice, it is worth the battle.

YOUR freedom, YOUR revelation and YOUR salvation is worth it to them.

I believe in faith that God will pour out His Spirit in greater ways than our earthly minds can imagine, as He responds to our passion, our hunger and our cries for freedom!
We serve a compassionate God who is slow to anger and abounding in love!

But amid this outpouring there will be great opposition.
The leaders of Christ’s church will be required to stand firm as never before.

Don’t let them do it alone.
Lets make an effort to uphold them in our prayers and our hearts.
Let us pray that they won’t lose their footing and be led into temptation!

May God give us a revelation of community and a graceful attitude for those who are called to lead it!
-Bek Curtis

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