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For The One who hasn’t yet found Her Wings….

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For The One who hasn’t yet found Her Wings….

Oh young girls, handing out condemnation as casually as you would a business card, if only you saw the pain held within the heart that stands before you.

You call her a sinner, you condemn her to hell, shaking your pious heads whilst tutting at her speech.
You challenge her clothing choices and scoff behind her back.
She hears.
She knows, and still you fail to see her pain.

You fail to see her brokenness, you fail to see her crumpled wings, and with each barb that springs forth from your tongue, you place another silken thread upon the cocoon from which she tries in vain to escape.

She is trapped in the darkness of rejection, a darkness that sullies her self perception.
She longs to be loved.
She longs for your approval.
She longs for you to validate her worth.
She yet has no concept, no revelation of the image in which she has been created.
And so her wings remain cocooned in confused darkness, and you young girls, keep tightening it’s grip.

Oh young girls, if only you knew the power that travels on your words!
If only you knew life and death is held within your tongue!
How do you not see the damage you are causing?

Your judgement will never, can never set her free, it serves only to keep her trapped in condemnation, in pain!

Do you not know that she who you mock is adored?
He loves her with a great and ferocious love, loves her as she is now.
He sees past her attire, her broken facade.
He sees through the darkness that’s enveloped her.
He sees her wings, their vibrant colour!
Yes, He longs for the time when His breath will give them flight!

Oh young girls, do you not know you’ve been invited to play a part of her transformation?
Do you not know you’ve been called to be light?
You carry a light that can invade her darkness, I urge you not to use it at your own discretion, but at His!
Your words, if chosen with grace, carry a strength she needs to break free, words that will reveal the colours in her wings.

Oh young girls, know her transformation will be staggered and fitful, for one does not instantly take flight.
But you have graciously been extended an invitation to tag along. Not because she is your project, but because her presence is your privilege!
You see she is royalty, though she yet knows not how to display it, she remains His very pride and joy.

Oh young girls, you are too!
Though of this you must take heed: true royalty is rarely displayed with jewel-crowned head held high, instead it is with a head hung low, pierced by a crown of thorns.
Displayed by humble hands, washing filthy feet.

You must realise, truly grasp, that her demeanor and dress are no less palatable to Him than your misguided attempts to veer her toward righteousness.

Oh young girls, that you would accept His invitation to partner with words of life!
Let this story have a joyful ending, let it birth a testimony of reconciliation, of freedom.
Oh young girls, it’s time to do this well.
-Bek Curtis



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  1. Melanie

    So beautiful and so true. I felt as if I sad hearing these words straight from our father’s heart of love for us, His bride! As a 42 year old single, I can relate to the scorn written here from my own family…. but praise the Lord, His love has set me free to dance and love Him, without condemnation or guilt. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

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