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It Is Good

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It Is Good

God stood before Adam and Eve, the flesh He had just created in His image….
He stood, perusing His divine workmanship, knowing full well that the two people standing before Him, the people that He had CREATED!…would soon defy Him.

He stood knowing that generations of people that would come from this man and woman would deny His existence.

He stood knowing that in order to restore righteousness, a right standing relationship with Him, HE would have to pay the ultimate price, make the ultimate sacrifice and offer the blood and broken body of His son as payment, a hope of reconciliation.

He stood looking upon His creation, His masterpiece, knowing ALL this and more, and STILL He said; “It is good”!

With the promise of betrayal, denial, hatred and pain all within His knowledge, he was still struck, still moved by the humanity before Him!

He adores you my friend.

You are His workmanship.
You breathe because He first breathed His breath in you.
While you were still a sinner, He sent His son to pay the price for sin so that you don’t have to!

All your wrong doing, past, present and future was accounted and paid for, nailed to the cross along with His son, thousands of years before you were born!

His opinion of His masterpiece hasn’t changed.

So why are you discounting what He has done?

Why are you allowing shame to hold you back from Him?

He has made a way for you to come racing into His arms, running to Him while you are filthy, soiled and broken.

The miracle is that upon entering His embrace you are made completely clean!
Stop waiting till you’re ‘good enough’. Because He says, “You are enough just the way you are, let me love you as you are”.
-Bek Curtis

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