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His Hands Trump

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His Hands Trump

In totally un-Bek form (*chokes on own sarcasm) it takes the aftermath of a historical event that has no immediate or direct impact on me (this really isn’t true, think The Butterfly Effect), to bring me out of my six month blogging hiatus (please let the record show that my phone just autocorrected ‘six month hiatus’ to: ‘mystic hiatus’- which sounds far more interesting, spiritual and less self-indulgent than the lazy self-induced, self-conscious apathy that’s actually been occurring. Count the ‘selfs’. So much maturing yet to occur *sigh). Because yeah, I have an opinion on this. Ha! On everything really. And hey, prophetic declarations are being made, so that’s practically a personal invitation to speak up…right?


Around seven years ago a friend’s beloved father passed away. I remember her grief. I remember feeling her pain as I tentatively hugged her, expressing my condolences but feeling as though their weight was so irrelevant amid her pain. What I also remember, vividly, is that as I hugged her, allowing the tiniest transference of her immense pain to enter my body, I had a vision. A picture opened up in my mind’s eye: I saw God’s hands. They were beyond huge. The scaling was indescribable. Each hand held something within it’s gentle grasp. In one hand was my friend, a grieving daughter encompassed by earth, and in the other was her father entering a realm of celebration. Each hand held a human being wrapped up in a circumstance. Each hand operating for a different, specific purpose; One welcoming a precious son home whose years had expired on this earth, celebrating his arrival in deserved grandiose. The other offering comfort, solace, and a safe place for my friend to mourn.

I remember having a massive epiphany of God’s sovereignty in that moment, a fresh revelation that God is so very capable of providing what each of us need, accompanied by the omniscient capacity to do it simultaneously.
I’m reminded of this vision again today.

I’ve been chatting with a friend as we try to discern and piece together some of the prophetic voices that have been amplified in light of Donald Trump’s presidential victory. These prophetic voices are calling for further support of Trump, further prayer and increased spiritual intercession, and for this I respect and honour their conviction. Yet truthfully, we’re perplexed, my friend and I. My beautiful, big-hearted friend commented,

 ‘Should not a prophet instead be calling Christians to pray for the poor, the weak, those who are scared right now…?’
Every flesh fibre in me screams: YES! God, this is right, YES…? For this is the rhythm to which my heart beats also. It beats for those who are scared. It beats for those who are feeling unsafe, displaced. It beats for those who are confused and overwhelmed by a hopelessness seeking to darken their weary souls. I see them. I hear them. My spirit cries out for them, it longs to reassure-
You Are Not Alone. 

You Are Not Forgotten. 

You Have Value. 

You Are Loved. 

You Are Wanted. 

You Are Needed.

You Have A Place.

You Are Worth Fighting For.
I am not an American. I live a comparatively privileged life to many, on the other side of this vast world. I don’t understand many U.S. policies and procedures- the In’s and Out’s of this complex, albeit circus-like 2016 Election. I do not endorse Trump, nor Clinton for that matter (as if my ‘endorsement’ or lack thereof holds any measurable weight), and like much of the world I am in shock. It is for these reasons that a part of me is fearful to speak up, reluctant to speak out- for we’ve all no doubt encountered the wearisome drone of an ill-informed tongue. Yet, here as I play with my many opinions, I feel the need to publicly voice yet another, for I know it to be truth:
My God Is Big!

My God is awesome in the truest sense of the overused word!

His hands are well capable.
The strong prophetic voices urging us to pray for Trump, for his physical protection, for wisdom in his governance, are, I’m sure, echoing something that is on God’s heart. After all, who among us is not in need of divine wisdom? I’ll take a double portion, thanks! Can I get an ‘Amen’!?

But whilst my God’s heart is for those in power to lead with wisdom that supersedes this mortal realm, also on His heart, in His hands, are absolutely those who are in pain!

“If your heart is broken, you’ll find GOD right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.”

Psalm 34:18 MSG 
So here I metaphorically stand, with all the might of a flawed coward, as another ‘prophetic‘ voice, imploring you not to forsake one prayer for the other.

Heed the call to intercession for Trump if this sits well within your spirit. But I also encourage you to stop. Pause. Search for the ‘vision’ that may be found. Truly see God’s heart beyond our biased, tainted lenses, and recognise that within His Creator hands, exists the immeasurable capacity to see all the humanity they hold, and nurture us the way we so require.

May this day, and each that follows, provide your heart the opportunity to expand, and may you allow it.
Yours in Peace, in Unity and in Love,

Bek Curtis 

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