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Mere Overflow

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Mere Overflow

No, this isn’t another irritation-filled, self-righteous hipster post about Christmas and commercialism. There is no condemnation and no judgement here at all, hopefully ever, and certainly not intentionally. These are my ‘convictions’ and thoughts only, they don’t need to be yours. Ok, we good? We’re calm and I’ve preemptively defended myself, I shall now begin…. I was thinking about the tradition of Christmas gift giving, started by those star-following wise men and their delivery of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh to the Christ Child. These men travelled, perhaps for years to meet the King of the Jews, the child whose life, death and resurrection would change the world. They came with a sole purpose, to worship Him. And then presented to Him gifts that were an extension of their worship. Gifts of value, gifts of profound meaning. But like so much of our Christian church tradition, we have managed to flip something that was about Jesus and instead make it about us. Much of our striving at Christmas is around trying to make each other and ourselves feel blessed, valued and connected via gift giving. This seems noble on the surface, but it’s not really what the original gifts were about. The gifts were merely an extension, a by-product of the Wise Men’s worship. There is a house in the suburb next to mine that is each year adorned with amazing Christmas lights, spelling out; “Jesus, the wise still seek Him”. I love the profound simplicity of this statement (oxymoron much?). But I would add, ‘the wise still seek to worship Him’. This Christmas I am going to be more aware than ever that whilst a celebration that centres around remembering the humble birth of Jesus, and the entire miracle that is the Christmas story is important, it should be more than a celebration, more than a remembering. It should be a time when we gather together in unity and take the time to kneel before our Saviour in worship, giving to Him our our focus, our love, our adoration, our lives, all we have to offer as a gift to Him, meagre as it may seem. In this act of giving, we allow Him to sit on the throne of our lives, taking His rightful place of Honour and Authority. He’s not just the reason to celebrate the season, He is to be the object of our worship, not just in this season, but in all. -Bek Curtis

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