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Jesus is a what now!?!

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Jesus is a what now!?!

I love social media and the way it allows us to connect.
Here’s an example; through a friend commenting on one of his friend’s statuses, the quote below, popped up in my Facebook newsfeed and practically slapped me in the face…. In a good way.

The original post is by Pastor Paul DeWildt, and through my ultra smooth, super sleuth/stalking skills (Facebook makes stalking super easy, and not at all creepy…), I managed to contact Paul to request permission that his post be used here. He generously agreed.
Warning: If you’re easily offended, please brace yourself for a shock factor….

I saw what was possibly the most offensive T-shirt I’ve ever seen today… A guy walking on the sidewalk was wearing a shirt which read in big bold letters…
I was left wondering what my response might have been if I was not driving when I saw this shirt?
I had mixed emotions… And all manner of ideas running through my mind… Some of which I’m sure where not particularly Christlike!
The best response I think I could come up with was to stand in front of him with arms open wide saying “someone needs a hug”… but even after that thought I was still unsure so I decided to ask Jesus.
He said, “I’ve been called worse… I still love him”.
So I’ve decided that if I see this guy, and that shirt again I’ll yell out the window… “He’s been called worse and He still loves you!”
THANK YOU Jesus for loving even into death!”
-Paul DeWildt

I love Paul’s openness about his initial offence and internal dialogue as he processed a way forward.

This scenario reminded me of the incident with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. As Jesus is about to be led away, Simon Peter, full of protective outrage, lashed out at a servant of the High Priest, cutting off his ear with a sword.
Even in this moment, burdened by a heart filled with anguish over His betrayal and impending death, Jesus diffused the situation and met his enemies with a kingdom attitude and action, that resulted in a miracle. A miracle fuelled by love and compassion.

There are so many times when we are tempted to lash out in word or deed, defending our Saviour against people that misunderstand and incorrectly portray Him by twisting His words or hurling forth hatred.
We could quite easily and convince ourselves with rationale that what we are feeling is in fact a justified, righteous anger.
The truth is, even in these moments of shock and offence, all we are called to do is love.
Extravagantly, Wholeheartedly, Disarmingly Love.
-Bek Curtis

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