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Jesus loves me this I know…..

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Jesus loves me this I know…..

Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so….
How sad that some people’s experience of the love of God, never moves past a nursery song and bible KNOWLEDGE.

God’s love is so much more. The bible shows the lengths He goes to in order to make His love accessible, but it’s biggest function is to point us to Jesus and show us how to enter into a relationship that lets us experience His life-changing love.

Some people will never pick up a bible. How then, will they be directed to Jesus?
We must direct them, and the ONLY way that happens in any lasting or meaningful way is if we love them so extravagantly, that Christ’s LIVING, life-changing love is undeniable because it organically flows out of who we are as His vessels, literal carriers of His presence and love!
-Bek Curtis

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