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How do I know God heals?

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How do I know God heals?

Before I wash up, I always make sure my dish drainer is completely empty and therefore ready for me to start stacking it with clean dishes. Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about housework, yawn!
The other day I was exhausted. I started washing up but hadn’t yet emptied the cutlery strainer.
This didn’t bother me because I knew my husband was coming back into the kitchen any second and he would empty it for me.

I made a presumption of my husbands actions because I know him.
I am in relationship with Him.
We have a history together.
I know, based on his past behaviour and actions that he will only be too happy to help me.

How do I know God heals?
How do I know God delivers?
How do I know God gives hope?
How do I know God cares?

I make a presumption.
I know Him.
I know His character.
I know His heart.

I have seen with my own eyes, His heart in action both sovereignly and via the service of His faithful children.

Relationship NOT religion, ensures that I can step out in faith and believe for myself and for others, things that the world sees as folly, because I have a history of observing His character!

It’s not too late to start your own relationship History with your Creator, in fact He already has, why not start observing it?
– Bek Curtis

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