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Loudest Voice, Biggest Influence

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Loudest Voice, Biggest Influence

Today I was pondering our values as a society.
I was pondering how alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual immorality, flagrant rebellion and the worship and elevation of ‘self’ have become not only accepted, but the new norm.
How did this happen?

We, here in the western world are so blessed but we’ve also cursed ourselves by stripping away so much of what sustains healthy humanity through community.

We have set up a culture of idolatry, where we lift high and place on a pedestal the inane superficiality of celebrity.
We’ve turned our ears to the voices that placate us with Politically Correct notions and ideals that ostracise all those who dare to question them.

TV, radio, Internet, literature have become our loudest voice.
It is these voices that will define who we are….if we let them.
The voice that we allow to be loudest will shape every thought and action we choose.
Choose wisely friends.
-Bek Curtis

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