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Oh How I Cringe….

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Oh How I Cringe….

When we judge or condemn other people for their choices, we place ourselves in prime position to lose our own sure footing.
Self-righteousness and pride sneak up on us long before we recognise them operating in ourselves.

We must never forget exactly where and what it was, that our Father God redeemed us from.
We must never forget that it is His grace alone that keeps our head above water. It is through Holy Spirit alone that we gain any wisdom with which we can make life-giving choices.

We must not forget our own journey into spiritual maturity, we must not forget that this journey is one that never ends!
This side of heaven, we will never arrive at a place of ‘having it all together’.

Before you dive in to offer reprimand or advice to a fellow journeyman (or woman), ask yourself; Do I have the right through relationship to speak into this person’s life?
If not, don’t!
Pray instead!
Do not underestimate the power of a prayer, prayed out of genuine concern.
Why do I want to step in? Is there a benefit for my own gain?
If there’s even a hint of self validation, self vindication or self gain, in you speaking up…. DON’T SPEAK!
Speaking the truth in love, is motivated by a selfless, God honouring love. If its not there, your words will tear down instead of building up.
Has the Holy Spirit asked me to offer counsel?
Again, if not, don’t speak. When we go against His will, we choose to step out of His protection…. Not worth it!
How do I know? Because I’ve done it before….more than once.
I became puffed up with what I thought was a ‘righteous anger’, high on my ‘amazing’ and ‘deep’ Holy Spirit revelations. I began to think of myself as a holy policeman, seeking out justice and righteousness for all.

Oh how I cringe!

I’m sure there are things that I’m still doing that will cause me to cringe in future years, but hopefully they are becoming less frequent.
Praise God for His grace, for without it we are all a lost cause.
-Bek Curtis

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