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Whilst sitting in the presence of God I opened my hands as an act of submission and surrender to Him. As I started to relax, I noticed my hands sprang back into a semi closed position.
Having my hands completely open with fingers outstretched and palms exposed was not a natural position for me, it required a concentrated determination of my will to keep my hands outstretched.

Isn’t this also an accurate representation of our heart attitude regarding submission and surrender to God? Our desire may be to submit to Him, to lay our hearts and lives open and bare before Him, but it requires a concentrated, continual act of will so that we REMAIN open and exposed to Him. It’s all too easy to relax, to fall into apathy, complacency, to ‘relax’ our position.
We cannot expect intimacy, deep spiritual growth, revelation and blessing with semi closed hands and hearts. Submission is a choice and a continual, deliberate exercise of our will.
-Bek Curtis

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