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Haven-ly Places

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Haven-ly Places

A week ago whilst driving, I spotted this bird’s nest constructed high in the upper branches of a tall tree.

Today I returned to snap this pic.

The weather this week has been temperamental, rainy and ferociously windy. Yet despite its precarious position, this nest has held firm, and presuming they still return to it, remains a safe haven for the creatures who built it.

This got me thinking, as these simple things do…

We try so hard to avoid the difficult and uncomfortable situations in life, and understandably so, a rare few of us enjoy the pain of emotional and mental anguish, but I’m learning that even in life’s worst storms, there is a haven.

The rain will still fall, still soak.

The wind will still blow, still chill.

The lightening will still strike.

But amid this chaos there is security.

As I continued to ponder this nest, I also realised that it’s unique position meant that yes, it was exposed to the harsh weather, but it was also positioned perfectly to receive the first, longest and warmest light from the sun.

Where you choose to construct your ‘nest’, the place you allow to become your haven will determine what you are exposed to and for how long.

Choose wisely, and may you be blessed with the haven of peace that surpasses all natural understanding.

(Philippians 4:6-7)

-Bek Curtis


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