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These past few days I’ve been reflecting on a song that we sang in church on Sunday. The line that got me was; Servant and King, rescued the world, this is our God.

Through the death and resurrection of Christ, we who have accepted Him, have been positioned by Him, through Him, into royalty.

We have become coheirs with Christ!
We are to reflect His Kingdom and display our new royalty in all that we do.

“Perfect! I can do that. I’ve always thought royalty would suit me…”

Ha! Yeah, here’s the thing…. God’s kingdom works slightly differently to the kingdoms of this world.

Jesus, creator of the universe, humbled Himself to become a man, born of a woman in the most humble of circumstances. He maintained His humility to the day He took His last breath in fleshly form.

Jesus, the ultimate royalty, who has authority over heaven and earth and everything in between, knelt at the feet of His disciples, men who could barely grasp who it was they had the honour of walking with day by day, and He washed their feet! Their filthy, blistered, stinking feet.

How many of us call ourselves followers of Jesus and yet baulk at the small or dirty stuff.
I don’t care how big our ‘giftings’ are or if one happens to be the greatest Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet or Healer that walks this earth, if we cannot humble ourselves to do the small stuff; cook a meal for someone, tidy up a mess that’s not ours, mop a floor, stack chairs, whatever it may be, then maybe we aren’t following Jesus closely enough.

Now for the really important part…
Don’t just do the jobs, but truly believe that ALL of them have kingdom significance!
Because it is there in those quiet moments where there is no applause, no praise, no accolades, you have displayed your royalty and clothed yourself in garments fit for a king.
-Bek Curtis

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