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This is now the second time that this has happened, so I share it as a personal testimony in the hope that it will encourage you.

About 4 years ago, my kids had started at a new school. It wasn’t local and there was a circumstance in our family, where one of our relatives was very unwell mentally and was wanting access to our children.

I was understandably apprehensive about leaving them in the care of┬átheir teachers, although entirely capable, the teachers weren’t their parents and they had 25- 30 kids each to be watching.

God spoke to me so clearly during this time, urging me to recognise just how much more He cared about and for my children than I ever could.
He brought me to a place where I had to choose to submit them into His hands and trust Him enough to leave them there.

During this time I was having a lunchtime nap with our youngest child who was about 1 at the time. I was starting to doze off when I was awoken by a vivid vision of my middle daughter tripping over in the playground.
Horrific and disfiguring injuries marred her lower lip and chin and she was taken away by ambulance needing extensive surgery.

I sat bolt upright, awoken in fright. I immediately prayed protection over her.
I considered ringing the school to check up on her, but what was I going to say? “Um, I’ve had a bad dream, can you check on my kid please?”.

I thought nothing more of it until later that night. I relayed the experience to my husband who said, “Well have you asked her if anything happened?”
I hadn’t.

We called her into our room and asked if anything unusual had happened that day.
“Oh, I was running around at lunch, I tripped over and a tiny rock hit my bottom lip and tooth, but I’m fine.”

Um, wow. God had warned me, and I had prayed.

Again today a similar situation happened.
I was prompted to pray for our youngest child.
Again it was lunchtime.
I prayed protection over all of them, but God said; “Great, but especially cover the youngest one.”
I did.

This afternoon, she came limping to the car escorted by our middle child.
“Let me guess, she fell over at lunch?”. I said.

My 10year old looked at me and laughed. “It happened again didn’t it mum? God told you to pray!”

God has got our kids in the palm of His hand.
He loves them infinitely more than what we can imagine.
I know He allows some circumstances to touch them and I can only trust in the fact that He sees a bigger picture than us.
Then there are situations like the one I had today and the one four years ago, where I KNOW that the injuries would have been far worse than grazed knees and a sore lip, had I not prayed.

Sometimes God gives us a prompting and is checking where our ears are tuned, and how we will respond to what He is asking of us.
In this case, all that was required of me was a simple prayer and the acknowledgement that my kids belong to Him.
This is my God!
-Bek Curtis

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