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We’re Expecting….

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We’re Expecting….

I often hear Christian leaders urging their congregations to look forward to a certain event or guest speaker with an ‘expectancy’.
We are urged to come with expectant hearts in preparation for what The Holy Spirit wants to do.

Expectancy seems to be a bit of a buzz word thrown around in Christians circles. And please, don’t get me wrong, the intentions of those using the word are pure and generated by genuine excitement and desire to see God move.

My issue with the term is that it’s said so often and without further direction, that I don’t think a lot of us have grasped what it actually means.
I certainly hadn’t, not to its full extent. It was only as I was pondering expectancy that I came to the conclusion that expectancy is an ACTION, not just an anticipated feeling of excitement toward an upcoming event.

When a woman is pregnant, she is described as an ‘expectant mother’ or ‘expecting’. In most cases she is eagerly and excitedly anticipating the arrival of her precious child.
But she doesn’t leave it at a feeling, just sitting around being expectant. She nests. She prepares.

The expectant mother is diligent.
She is diligent in her cleaning, in her preparation of the nursery, in making sure she has clothing, nappies, cleansing products, a suitable sleeping place etc.
In everything she does, she is making sure that her surroundings are suitable to welcome not just a guest, but a new and valued presence that will be with her for the rest of her life.

Our expectancy for a fresh encounter with Holy Spirit should be no different in terms of preparation.
We need to be diligent in making sure that our hearts, our minds and the atmospheres we are cultivating in our everyday environments are suitable, welcoming and honouring, not just for a brief visitation but for a sustained, lifelong relationship.
BE expectant, ACT expectant!
-Bek Curtis


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