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What A Waste

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in Musings | 4 comments

What A Waste

“Oh, she’s not a Christian? But she’s so lovely, a beautiful spirit, what a waste.”

“They’re married and fertile, but they don’t want kids? Wow, how selfish. What a waste.”

“Oh, he’s gay? But look at him, he’s gorgeous, that’s such a waste!”

“She has such incredible talent, if only he used it for the church. Such waste.”

I hear these opinions, expressed in words that carry far greater weight than they bear when resting on the tongue, thrown around constantly, carelessly.
I’m guilty of expressing similar opinions on past occasions, and for this I feel shame. Shame, because these words harm, they damage, and they do so because they’re lies.

People, and their skills and talents are not a waste just because they’re not used for the purpose WE determine. They are not refuse to be ideologically discarded when they don’t fit within our value structures.

Waste means to squander, to misuse, and I’m beginning to recognise waste in it’s true form, not just in a way that appeases my ugly self-righteousness.

So here’s yet another opinion…

I believe that waste is grasping a head knowledge of Christ and His love, but never allowing it to rapture your heart, to overtake and overflow from it.

Waste is having eyes that see, but choose to remain blind.

Waste is a heart that beats to sustain life, but refuses to give it in word and deed.

Waste is having ears that hear but never truly listen.

Waste is a sharp mind that shrouds itself in ignorance, fearing that knowledge may contradict or stir up it’s stagnant beliefs.

Wasted are hands blessed with the capability of movement, yet never reach out to another’s.

Waste is a voice that chooses to speak only of it’s own need, and never the need of the voiceless.

Wasted are feet that have never gone over and above, or walked the extra mile.

Waste is choosing not to see people in light of their creator.
-Bek Curtis



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  1. brett fish anderson

    i love this one Bekaroo – we are the couple “wasting” by choosing not to have children and although people rarely use the word “waste” around us, we get that they are thinking it.

    so yes. yes. yes. and may i be challenged in those areas where i am quick to use the label overtly or subtly.

    keep on.

    brett fish

    • Bek Curtis

      “Bekaroo”? Haha. Is this like kangaroo ’cause I’m Aussie?

      I have 3 close girlfriends, all in their 30’s who have chosen not to have kids, and oh my goodness, the crap that gets said to them!
      I’m sure that some of it come from very well intentioned hearts, but still, so much of what we say is unnecessary, and downright hurtful.

      Love your heart to be challenged. Xoxo

  2. Ange

    More gold from you, my sister. I don’t feel the need to elaborate but these words have been spoken about my life many, many times and while I do not take them on board, they sting. I like your definitions much better!

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