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Where The Bonds Children Lay

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Where The Bonds Children Lay

I haven’t released a corporate prophetic word in a while. And while this one is technically corporate, it’s certainly not generic and won’t be for all of you, in fact I think it will only be for a few, that’s not to say it’s some ‘exclusive’ word, simply that we are all called to the same path, we just have different companions on the way and our pit stops differ.
So if this strikes a chord within your spirit, a recognition of calling, then I encourage you to sit with it and ask God what the carrying out of this will look like for you- as you should with all prophetic words. Question it, weigh it, test it, we are not meant to be mindless robots.

“Where the bonds children lay, where the bonds children lay, where the bonds children lay…”

This is the word that was on repeat in my head, all day yesterday. Over and over and over!

Being the obedient gal that I am, I sought solace in The Lord immediately and positioned myself at His feet, to hear with open ears and heart, further instruction…

Actually, I rebelliously tried to ignore the repeated phrase until around 3am when it was interfering with my sleep and sanity, which is already somewhat interfered with.

Just quickly, as a side note, I realise that to some of you, my behaviour seems irreverent and rude. I’m not going to apologise for this, simply because I know the relationship I have with my Creator, and don’t feel it needs to be defended or explained. The fruit of my life will bear witness to the intimacy I have with Him, and in the meantime, I’ve come too far in my journey of grace to put on a religious, compliant and submissive, ‘good-Christian-girl’ facade, just to appease sensitive readers.

Back to the word I was given…

When I finally enquired as to what it meant, I felt Father God was telling me to; Go to where the bonds children lay.

What does it mean?
I believe ‘the bonds children’ are His precious kids, the ones who call Him Father, but who are still striving for grace, struggling under the law, and ultimately missing revelation of the finished work of the Cross.

In other words, I believe He is saying: “go to my kids who are bound, those who are bound by the law, find where they are and bring them to me so that I may release them.”

I see so many of His precious kids, fellow believers, living in the bonds of this single bible verse:

‘….He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and forth generation.’ (Numbers 14:18)

The Cross broke this!

Any generational dispositions and patterns that we have inherited from our earthly ancestors are smashed to pieces when placed under the blood of Jesus and His declaration that-
IT IS FINISHED! (John 19:30)

Do you know what the beginning of this verse says…?

‘The LORD is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression…”(Numbers14:18NKJV)

Nothing proved this more than the act of Jesus surrendering His life for the very ones who sought to destroy Him.

Why then, are so many still living bound by oppression and torment? Why have they not stepped into freedom and abundant life?

The answer is religion.

So where is it that the bonds children lay?
I got my answer. I encourage you to enquire of The Lord and receive yours. Just don’t be stubborn like me and wait till 3am, the sleep deprivation just isn’t worth it.
I think Jonah and I would have been good friends…
-Bek Curtis

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