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Army Deploy

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Army Deploy

This morning God gave me this vision:
It was of an army equipped for war.
They were clothed in full armour and given every type of weaponry needed for ANY battle.

This army was gathered together inside a large auditorium that had a glass wall that could be seen out of, but not into.

Outside this auditorium a battle was raging. Desolation and destruction reigned as far as the eye could see.
The wounded lay begging for help while the dead were left to decompose and contaminate those around them.
There was no respite, no hope.

The General of the army stood watching His troops….
His troops stood talking amongst themselves, casually chatting about their armour, comparing their weapons.
They did not move out from the auditorium.

Some soldiers seemed oblivious to the raging external battle.
Others saw it but did not trust their equipment enough to do something about it, despite having been given thorough and continual instruction and training on how to use it to ENSURE victory.

Friends, so often this is the picture of the modern church.
We are more equipped and learned than ever before.
We have Teachers, Preachers, conferences, organisations and more support, connection and strategy than EVER before.
We sit on the cross’ side of history where victory has not only been given to us freely, but it is guaranteed!

It is our responsibility, our calling, our destiny to use our weapons, our knowledge, our position and our influence to fight for those on the other side of the wall, so that they too can see victory! To scoop up the wounded and love them to a place of healing and wholeness and to command the dead to spring back into life, abundant life!

We hold a hope that they cannot yet see, unless….

-Bek Curtis

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