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Bus Stop Stranger

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Prophecy | 0 comments

Bus Stop Stranger

Last night, God gave me a vision of a man, the generic type that you might find on a public restroom door.
He was at a bus shelter waiting for his bus.
What struck me as significant was not his form, but his pose. He had one arm on the back of the seat and he was slouched lazily against it.
He had made himself comfortable as if in for a long wait. When his bus arrived in only a few minutes the man was taken by surprise and quickly jumped on board.

I believe the bus stop represents what a lot of our western, modern day churches look like today.
All too often, they become a place where we hang out, just waiting until Jesus arrives to take us to our final destination.
A place where we can lazily sit back and ponder life, perhaps even sharing opinions with our fellow passengers in waiting.
But how sad would it be if we were taken aback by how quickly Jesus actually showed up?
How sad if we were caught in our shelters, slouching around waiting.

The ‘bus’ will be here before you know it.
Do what you’ve been called to do, lest you are caught in your ‘waiting’ and the arrival catches you unawares!

There is an entire world, FULL of broken, hurting, damaged people, just waiting to be swept up in faith, hope and love. Go. Find them.
-Bek Curtis

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