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Demon Hunting in the Shower

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Prophecy | 2 comments

Demon Hunting in the Shower

I had a few issues in the shower the other day. Yes, I know, you would assume that by my age I would have mastered that daily task, but no, I just couldn’t get the temperature right. Pretty soon the water was scalding hot and I was frantically turning the hot tap down, to no avail.

I was starting to panic slightly (completely), and it took me far longer than I care to admit, to actually consider turning the cold tap UP!

I see a similar scenario in the lives of many fellow Christians, including myself in previous times.
Their circumstances are looking desperate and they frantically search in every nook and cranny, trying to eliminate the cause of evil in their lives. They go on demon-hunting expeditions and still find themselves surrounded by darkness.
The dark becomes the focus.

The answer to combat this is so obvious that just like in the shower, I felt foolish once I recognised it….turn on the light!
If the light is too dim, get a brighter globe. Get a floodlight! Get 10 floodlights! Focus on the light.
Light exposes what the darkness has hidden.
Once the light has been turned on you are no longer stumbling around playing Blind Man’s Bluff, you can find the object that kept tripping you up and causing you to stub your toe, then you can ask Father God to remove it… Though, more commonly He chooses to navigate YOU around and PAST it!

Allow Jesus to flood your life with light today, and like that old hymn says; the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
-Bek Curtis



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  1. Bree

    This is so simple and beautiful, Bek! I’ve been stalking around your blog for the last half hour. I love this thought, it is so true. While there certainly is a time and a place for “demon-hunting”, calling out darkness and injustice and inequality – what your thoughts speak to me of is balancing out the other side of the scales. Call out darkness, yes – but bring a light with you as well. Speak against injustice, of course – but bring mercy and compassion, not just a sword. Stand against inequality and bigotry, absolutely – but remember that we are more than just our words, and they are empty if we don’t back them up with positive action. Thank you for sharing this, however long ago it was – I have read it at just the right time for me. x

    • Bek Curtis

      Beautifully expanded upon, Bree!
      Yes, absolutely about balance, this is why must lean not on our own understanding, but by led by Holy Spirit.

      I love when something speaks to us at just the right time, such a comfort and reminder we’re not alone. xox

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