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This is a word I have sat on for almost a week. I have tried explaining to God that “I don’t give these types of words. I give nice fluffy words that don’t make me look like a super-spiro, out there type!”.
But apparently I do give these words.
So with reluctant obedience I post….

Last Sunday morning I had one of the most, if not the most vivid dreams I have ever had.
It is my earnest belief that this dream is deeply symbolic and prophetic. As such, God WILL NOT let me leave it unshared, so here it is…

I dreamed that I was with my family (my husband and 3 children). We were standing on a driveway about to get into our car when I looked up and saw ‘something’ falling from the sky. I could not make out what it was, but assumed that I was some sort of meteorite as it was falling quickly, and had created a massive cloud of thick grey smoke.
I declared to my husband; “This is a sign of the end times, it is happening”.

As the cloud came closer, it seemed to disperse, and black wisps of swirling smoke broke off from the large cloud. They seemed to have a life force within them, and instinctively I knew that they were being released and allowed for the purpose of torment.

My children were scared but I explained that this was not for us, it was a warning and we just needed to start praising God.

The dream continued and I found myself (still with my family) at some sort of gathering, a BBQ/party I think.
As I was socialising, I was given a prophetic word that a bush was about to ignite but would not be consumed (think Moses). I declared this to the group and seconds later a bush in the backyard lit up, then another. At first people were impressed by my forewarning and by the sight of unconsumed yet burning bushes. But the excitement wore off and while the bushes continued to blaze, everyone else continued with the party.
I was shocked that these people had been given such clear signals and yet did not take heed that it was a warning, a sign that something/someone wanted their attention!

The dream continued and again while with my family, I saw a sight in the sky. This time it was a flock of birds flying directly at us. My first thought that it was some sort of plague, but as they got closer I recognised that the birds were actually doves. I instructed my family to hold out their hands and allow the doves to come upon them. The presence of the doves brought peace and a fresh anointing.
Soon the sound of the cooing doves attracted mangy, hungry neighbourhood cats.
When we focused our attention on the cats the doves became restless and flew away. But when we focused on the doves and ignored the cats, it was the cats who fled!
Again, the key was to keep focus on the doves by praising God.

I left my family to run an errand and
when I got into my car there was a man in the passenger seat. I had never seen him before. He had a ‘darkness’ about him and he wore a hooded jumper that obscured most of his face.

Although he was sitting in my car as a man, my spirit immediately recognised him as an angel of darkness. He started speaking smoothly to me, although I cannot recall what he was saying. I commanded him “out of my car in Jesus’ name”. Yet he was stubborn.
I repeated that he was to leave, but he wouldn’t budge.
He was scared….but he wouldn’t leave. Instead he changed his tactic, he went from sweet talk to pleading frantically with me to let him stay.
He told me: “You don’t understand, if you let me stay I can help you. I’m not like the ‘others’ I know they’re evil, but I’m not like them, I can PROTECT you!”.

I started singing and worshiping God. It was not gentle worship, but instead a war cry that rose up within me.
The man next to me covered his ears, he was furious and couldn’t stand the worship, it was like poison to him. I kept on crying out in worship.

By this stage I could barely drive, the experience was more intense and draining than childbirth.
The worship was complete and utter warfare and the man took swings at me with his fists, trying to hit me all whilst covering his ears.
He kept screaming that unless I allowed him to stay he would make me pay, he would allow my family to be compromised, harmed.

I was exhausted by now, completely drained and the words of worship came out of my mouth like moans and groans, it was in this moment I heard an angel of the Lord quote the verse; “Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (Romans 8:26 NKJV)”
In that instant I felt The Holy Spirit start to pray and immediately the man jumped out of my car.

This is where my dream ended.

I believe we are in critical times. There are many things happening in our world that lead me to believe that we are either in, or very close to the ‘End times’.

We have the risk of becoming like the people at the BBQ.
Right in front of our eyes, wonders appear that cannot be explained, signs of the supernatural, but yet they only hold our attention for mere moments, then we return to our slumber, completely overcome by complacency and fatigue!

We have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit who came upon Jesus as a dove, He brings with Him a peace and an anointing that we are to embrace and share with those around us.
But if we take our eyes off what we’ve been given and chose to focus on the threat, the dove will not stick around for long.
The cats (the enemy) come to kill and destroy, DON’T LET THEM! Don’t feed the roaming beasts!

Don’t compromise. If there is an area in your life that you know remains un-submitted to Christ, then release it. Lay it down.
The enemy is the father of lies. He is very good at convincing us that some of the things we’ve got in our lives that we know we need to let go of, aren’t that bad. That these vices are better than other stuff we could be doing!
It’s a lie.
Don’t allow the ‘hooded men’, the bad habits, the oppression to stick around.

We have been given the strongest weapons of warfare. We have God’s word. Use it in conjunction with worship and victory is already promised to you.

Will it be easy? No, not always.
Battles are called so for a reason.
But when you feel like you can fight no more, when you are so exhausted that you can no longer even form coherent words of worship, The Holy Spirit Himself will intercede on your behalf.

These are exciting days. We have nothing to fear, we have hope that swells within us, feed it, let it swell so that is overflows and causes a deluge that bathes those around you with the assurance of the love and hope that has been freely given to you.
Be blessed my precious friends.
-Bek Curtis

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