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Generation Next

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Generation Next

Friends, God is seeking a generation of believers who will walk in purity.
A generation clothed in righteousness.
A generation steeped in Holiness!

A generation that burns for Him alone and is unshaken in it’s resolve and passion for these things!

Who of you will rise up?
Who will answer His call?
Who will submit to the Father’s gentle refinement that He may shine through you and be glorified in ALL that you portray?

Beloved, run, flee from temptation lest you become trapped, lest you become bound.

Some of you have been compromising with yourselves regarding the convictions Holy Spirit has given you.
Some of you have been knowingly ministering out of dirty vessels.

I implore you, re-submit to God, because hidden sin is about to be revealed.
A fire of refinement is about to fall.

No longer will He tolerate lips that speak honey from hearts that hold poison.
He loves you far too much to let you continue filling your lives with things that do not bring honour to Him nor to yourselves.

Turn to Him. Answer His call.
Friends, rise up and walk with purity into the fullness of Christ.
-Bek Curtis

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