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Mercy Cracks

Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Prophecy | 1 comment

Mercy Cracks

God gave me a word to deliver at church this evening.
Afterwards, I was approached by a friend and told: “You need to put that on your Facebook page, people really really need to hear that”.
So here it is, I hope you are blessed by it also….

In the pre-service prayer time our pastor was thanking God that He can restore ruins and use us even as broken vessels. I then clearly sensed that there were people in our congregation who were struggling with memories and past hurts, wondering why God was still allowing them to feel the pain and allowing the cracks to remain. God said to me; “Those are ‘mercy cracks’. They are there because through them you will recognise the pain in someone else and be able to reach out and minister to them in a way that others cannot”.
It is through these cracks that God’s love, grace and mercy can flow out into the lives of those around you who are hurting.
-Bek Curtis


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  1. rachel

    Thanks for your refreshing blog. This post resonates with some pictures God gave me personally over a 12 year period but I believe it is for others too. One was of a clear glass bowl filled with cracks and being held together by straining hands. I did not understand the image until years later when I became a Christian – the strained hands are the way WE try to keep out cracked parts together or hidden by our own effort. This is tiring and eventually the object will fall and smash. The second image was of the japanese traditional Kinsukuroi where cracked pottery is repaired using gold in the cracks. This is a beautiful image of what God does FOR us. The gold is the blood he shed and we become more beautiful than before through his grace and forgiveness.

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