The Musings of Bek Curtis



This is the place where I’m supposed to talk about myself in the third person and tell you all the wonderful things about me and all that I’ve accomplished, in the hope that I sound über professional and super interesting. But that’s not really my thing and my worldly accomplishments are meagre.
So as me, Bek Curtis, I’ll tell you that I’m a 34 year old girl from Sydney, Australia. I love people and have a passion to see them connected to the Father Heart of God as they step into the freedom, hope and grace that He extends.


I love to write and although I’m not literarily gifted or overly eloquent, I do try very hard to maintain coherence. Let it be noted, I did say try.

For 12 years I have been married to an amazing man. He is the personification of integrity and the tangible manifestation of grace upon my life. We have three amazing kids, and yep, I know all mums say that, but ours seriously rock!
If you stick around long enough, you’ll inevitably hear me share parts of my earlier life. Years marred by drug addiction and destructive sexual promiscuity. I share because I’m no longer there, and because I hold hope that in sharing my story of redemption, it will fuel other people’s fire of hope.

I’m no theologian. I’m no philosopher. I have no qualifications. But God has chosen to reveal Himself to me through everyday life experiences and it is these that I share with you among these pages. On this site I hope you’ll find vulnerability, humour, encouragement, occasional prophecy and maybe even a challenging of your current thinking.
I look forward to getting to know you also!
Bek Curtis Xxx



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