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Dining With Divinity

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Musings | 2 comments

Dining With Divinity

This morning I desired nothing more than deep fried, hashed up potatoes to start my day. These I fantasised, would be delivered under golden arches, in a brown paper bag by an anonymous face. Dispensed into my outstretched hand as I sat in the safety of my vehicle- oh the irony of deeming my car to be safe, only seven days after I was involved in a minor car accident (I’m good y’all, seriously, the car…eh…not so much).

Funny how the things we view as ‘safe’, or familiar, can oft house the most harm.

Still, I perceived my car to be at least emotionally safe, because there in its claustrophobic confines, I could host a casual paper napkin dinner party with Shame, later hiding all evidence, so no one ever need know, unless I chose to divulge. 
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Hey You, The Fat One!

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in Musings | 8 comments

Hey You, The Fat One!

Dear Bek,

It’s 6:09am and you’ve not slept a wink, nope not even dozed for a minute.
C’mon you remember, it was the coffee.
Ah yes, the coffee. What an unfortunate mix up.
It was after 7 last night and you ordered a half strength latte, knowing a full strength would not end well….
But the pretty young girl who served you, who wouldn’t look you in the eye, the same one who kept looking over your shoulder, standing on her tippy toes to see through to the mirror behind you, the one who ended the transaction with subtle sarcasm, yes her, that one, she messed up your order, meaning you got full strength.

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